Top-Down Knitalong: FAQ and addenda

Karen ‘ s post over at Fringe Association is one of the most comprehensive guides out there. If you have ever wanted to knit a top down sweater or just improvise your own pattern, keep a lookout on instagram or for more details and awe inspiring projects.


Slow Fashion October: Loved

I am very lucky that before I could knit and crochet, I was gifted hand knitted sweaters by my mother. My mum is a very talented knitter with many years experience. If I was to tell you just how many years experience she would disown me.. haha Just watching her knit for me is incredibly relaxing and at the same time fascinating. She was taught to knit by her Gran as a child and hasn’t stopped since!

She is an English knitter and I knit continental. I am the rebel of the family because of my ability to crochet and continental knitting.

During the last 5 years I have been gifted many cable cardigans and sweaters and I cherish them. I am fascinated by the cables and sheer perfection of every stitch. my sweaters continue to have little imperfections or modifications that make them mine. But the sweaters I have been gifted are immaculate, and I am determined to keep them that way. I have developed little rituals along the way. At the end of every winter I put away my heavier pieces of knitwear, washing and re-blocking them all and putting them away in a safe place away from the moths.. but of course living in Yorkshire means that not all of my knitwear gets put away but we all have our favourites.


One of my favourites that I have made is my moss stitch cowl in Frank Ochre by Malabrigo. The yarn was bought as a Christmas present by my brother from Loop in London. This cowl started because I saw a cowl in topshop on sight I wanted it… but it literally came apart in my hands… which had me thinking about my wardrobe and buying habits. Because of one afternoon I buy a lot less.. but what I buy or thrift is quality but it has to fit my style and I have to love it. If not, I walk away from it. I don’t need it. We all carefully select our patterns, choose the right yarn, fibre and colour then why not our clothes..? There isn’t a day goes by when I don’t wear something I haven’t made myself..


This cowl is also my most commented item. Many people have come up to me shopping and asked me where did I buy it? or have said that they love the colour. Even with the imperfections.. We’ve all gone slightly skewiff on our moss stitch.. but it brings a smile to fave every time I wear it and that’s why I knit.

Slow Fashion October

I have been following with interest the Slow Fashion movement on Instagram and reading all the blog posts from Karen @Fringeassociation and I have decided to throw my voice into the mêlée.

My name is Emma and I’m 27 years old. Recent Yorkshire resident and by day I am the latest member of the team at West Yorkshire Spinners ltd. But by night I am a thrifty crafty person and I have now been knitting 2 and half years and crocheting for 3 years; knitting and crafting is in the blood. 4 generations of women in my family can knit,  sew and have been involved in textiles so I have been surrounded by it all my life and makes me genuinely happy.

Slow Fashion October for me is to inspire you to be a little curious about where your clothing comes from. Yes I love the high street as much as the next women. I won’t lie but I’m equally passionate about the idea of knowing where my clothing and in particular my knitwear and knitting stash comes from.


I am incredibly fortunate that I am involved in a company who share this ideal and I can explore this everyday.


But wouldn’t it be great for everybody to know where the wool from your sweater came from? Where is the farm? And did the farmer receive a fair price for his fleeces? The idea that it was more profitable to burn fleeces instead of spinning them into yarn??? This makes me so angry and strengthens my belief that the British Wool industry should pay fair prices and share the information it has with its consumers so we can make the right choice. **


This Slow Fashion October I want to share with you garments and accessories that I love and yarns that have I found along my knitting journey that I love and give something back to us all.
** please excuse the rant… but the more I hear and see things makes me so frustrated..**




Even after 2 months of working at West Yorkshire Spinners, I still love to wander around the mill and stumble across these gorgeous bales of wool tops.. but I can’t help but wonder…what will they become?  Working at a worsted spinning mill does funny things to you like that.


My current knitting project is from the latest issue of PPQ The Wool Issue. Hitchcock.. isn’t it lovely? Not glam but essential in every knitters wardrobe.. a definite winter staple for my first yorkshire winter! I’m knitting mine in our BFL dk weight yarn in teal.


Elsewhere currently writing up my post on my wonderful trip to Paris last month. . Leaving you with the sun setting over Paris from the rooftop of the Generator Paris.


Paris 2015

It’s finally here!! I leave for my first ever trip to Paris this week and I’m very excited as you can imagine!


I am staying in Paris for a long weekend. Flying into Charles De Gaulle Airport and staying at the Generator Hostel in the 10th arrondissement from Thursday to Monday.. I hope to fill my time in the city with museums, cafe’s and yes.. just maybe a little bit of shopping. Perhaps a flea market or two? Wandering down the Boulevards and watching the world go by sitting outside cafe’s. A visit to the Louvre and Notre Dame, certainly. Paris is a glamourous city and this of course means that I can ‘dress up’ everyday! yay!

The news stories of pickpockets  in Paris means that I’ll have to leave my trusty backpack at home in Yorkshire and take my new Laguna crossbody in Bordeaux from Reiss, this means that my ‘Less is More’ packing will have to work overtime on this trip away.  985036-64-1

But this wouldn’t be a trip away without visiting a few wool shops along the way I am visiting :L’OisiveThe, inspired by many instagram posts from Stephen West and the wonderful account from Aimee herself! This is a must visit for me.. although an expensive one no doubt! Speak soon and have a great week wherever you are and thanks for visiting!


Gone West..Life lately

Life lately has done a complete turn around since my last post. Life has taken me to Yorkshire, I am now based in the rolling hills of the West Yorkshire countryside. This was an unexpected move for me as I now have a new job and my own place at last.! YAY!

So lets start at the beginning over the last 4 weeks I have been hiding a secret from you.

I have recently started work as a Marketing executive at West Yorkshire Spinners ltd! How cool is that! This of course, means that I am now doing a job that I thought would never happen, now I do what I did for fun and to keep myself sane from my last job, has now become my full time job. Not many people can say that and I know how lucky I am just to be saying that. Things have changed for the better and I hope to show you around my new patch of the country.

Bronte Country
Bronte Country

Finally Ta – Dah! !!

My first socks are done! !! Yay!  So happy!! Casted on in Berlin and frogged and restarted many times since I bought  the yarn from the Galerie Kaufhof in the Alexanderplatz.. and finally finished in may! Who thought we would still be wearing wool socks in may..


I casted on 24 stitches using a figure of 8 cast on and increased up the toe to 62 stitches.. I don’t like my socks too tight. With a short row heel and back up to 62 stitches up the leg.. this is now my sock pattern and I  know it off by heart.

The yarn is regia south sea island in 4 ply. . I can see lots of pairs of socks in the future.. Operation sock drawer has definitely started.

And yes it’s true what they say. . Socks are addictive!