About Me

My name is Emma, I’m 28 and from the UK.

I love knitwear, cooking, baking and literature. I now find myself living in a small town in Lancashire after a period working in Yorkshire within the UK Hand knitting industry. Primarily, I am a knitter crocheter and trainee technical editor for knitting patterns and I love it!

You will see lots of yarn in this blog; all of it has been bought by me and given a loving home because I love it. Not because I’m paid to give my opinion.

Girl in knits is an insight into my life and travels; I could be the girl with her backpack filled with knitting, books and journals in the seat next to you on the train or plane. Come and say hello!

I look forward to hearing from you


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Instagram: Girlinknits


5 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Well, I admit my interest in current affairs came before I could crochet. I enjoyed your post on North Korea, Particularly your perspective on Kim Jong Un being the third son. Alot of what you said makes alot of sense because He has modeled himself/ the regime on his grandfather. Its going to be interesting in the next year with the 60th anniversary of the Korean war.

      Thanks for visiting, nice to have met you.

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