Slow Fashion October

I have been following with interest the Slow Fashion movement on Instagram and reading all the blog posts from Karen @Fringeassociation and I have decided to throw my voice into the mêlée.

My name is Emma and I’m 27 years old. Recent Yorkshire resident and by day I am the latest member of the team at West Yorkshire Spinners ltd. But by night I am a thrifty crafty person and I have now been knitting 2 and half years and crocheting for 3 years; knitting and crafting is in the blood. 4 generations of women in my family can knit,  sew and have been involved in textiles so I have been surrounded by it all my life and makes me genuinely happy.

Slow Fashion October for me is to inspire you to be a little curious about where your clothing comes from. Yes I love the high street as much as the next women. I won’t lie but I’m equally passionate about the idea of knowing where my clothing and in particular my knitwear and knitting stash comes from.


I am incredibly fortunate that I am involved in a company who share this ideal and I can explore this everyday.


But wouldn’t it be great for everybody to know where the wool from your sweater came from? Where is the farm? And did the farmer receive a fair price for his fleeces? The idea that it was more profitable to burn fleeces instead of spinning them into yarn??? This makes me so angry and strengthens my belief that the British Wool industry should pay fair prices and share the information it has with its consumers so we can make the right choice. **


This Slow Fashion October I want to share with you garments and accessories that I love and yarns that have I found along my knitting journey that I love and give something back to us all.
** please excuse the rant… but the more I hear and see things makes me so frustrated..**



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