Paris 2015

It’s finally here!! I leave for my first ever trip to Paris this week and I’m very excited as you can imagine!


I am staying in Paris for a long weekend. Flying into Charles De Gaulle Airport and staying at the Generator Hostel in the 10th arrondissement from Thursday to Monday.. I hope to fill my time in the city with museums, cafe’s and yes.. just maybe a little bit of shopping. Perhaps a flea market or two? Wandering down the Boulevards and watching the world go by sitting outside cafe’s. A visit to the Louvre and Notre Dame, certainly. Paris is a glamourous city and this of course means that I can ‘dress up’ everyday! yay!

The news stories of pickpockets  in Paris means that I’ll have to leave my trusty backpack at home in Yorkshire and take my new Laguna crossbody in Bordeaux from Reiss, this means that my ‘Less is More’ packing will have to work overtime on this trip away.  985036-64-1

But this wouldn’t be a trip away without visiting a few wool shops along the way I am visiting :L’OisiveThe, inspired by many instagram posts from Stephen West and the wonderful account from Aimee herself! This is a must visit for me.. although an expensive one no doubt! Speak soon and have a great week wherever you are and thanks for visiting!


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