Gone West..Life lately

Life lately has done a complete turn around since my last post. Life has taken me to Yorkshire, I am now based in the rolling hills of the West Yorkshire countryside. This was an unexpected move for me as I now have a new job and my own place at last.! YAY!

So lets start at the beginning over the last 4 weeks I have been hiding a secret from you.

I have recently started work as a Marketing executive at West Yorkshire Spinners ltd! How cool is that! This of course, means that I am now doing a job that I thought would never happen, now I do what I did for fun and to keep myself sane from my last job, has now become my full time job. Not many people can say that and I know how lucky I am just to be saying that. Things have changed for the better and I hope to show you around my new patch of the country.

Bronte Country
Bronte Country