Travel 101- its a big wide world out there..


Its a big wide world out there to explore, go find out about yourself, do the things you love to do and lets face it doesn’t everyone love to feel the warm sun on their face..? Do you daydream at your desk in work, office or school of those balmy summer days.

Well my friend you have a touch of the wanderlust. Wonderful isn’t it? Cities, Beaches, mountains and endless oceans there is a world to be explored. But what if you wanted to do it on your own.. This isn’t as daunting as you would think as through this mini series I will be sharing my experiences with you.

I have travelled to 16 countries on my own and love it. Exploring the world with my backpack, passport and of course a bit of wool crafts. All of this makes a very happy Girlinknits.  I have had to put Rome on the backburner for now.. again. And decided on Paris..  it will be my first time to experience the sights and sounds of Paris and i’m very excited.

I will be staying at the new generator hostel in Paris and what a base camp she is! Opened in early 2015, the Paris generator is the latest the line of design led hostel from Generator. As you will know from reading this blog I have stayed with 3 times previously and I love them and highly recommend them as a home away from home.

generator_paris_lowres-66 image-1024x7687

I hope that during this series I will inform you but more importantly inspire you to experience the world around you.  Maybe not on our own like me but who knows the world is your oyster!

(please note I have not been paid for my opinions during this mini series)

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