Gratitude #loveyourblog challenge


Gratitude is a topic that I feel happy to write about. On Saturday I met some wonderful people and now thanks to their patience and knowledge I have a heel for my first ever pair of socks!! So happy right now.

Socks are something that I have always wanted to knit but failed to do so because of my insecurities. I have also found a pattern that I love to knit.

So far during my journey of knitting and blogging I have met so many people who have helped me and shared their knowledge with me. The heel of my sock was knitted on the coach to Wonderwool Wales with my new friend Stephen’s help. I couldn’t say thank you enough to him.

I have really enjoyed writing the posts for the Love your blog challenge with Laura and it has been amazing to see so many of you joining in! Thank you for joining me and for visiting my blog. This challenge has really given me the confidence to continue blogging!
Thank you x


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