Marmorkuchen – Marble Cake


After weeks of radio silence I am back with my marble cake recipe. Inspired by my trip to Berlin last week, I decided to bake and write about my favourite german cake. I love marble cake! But I wanted to make my own version.  This cake is made with a mixture of ground almonds and flour.

So the ingredients are:
3 medium free range eggs. 193g in total
193g of self raising flour
193g caster sugar
193g baking soft spread.
100g of ground almounds
1tbsp cocoa powder
1tsp of vanilla extract
Instant coffee
2 lb loaf tin and liner.

So here goes! preheat your oven to 180 fan or gas mark 4.
Get your favourite mixing bowl and weigh out your ingredients. Cream together the soft spread and caster sugar until light and fluffy. Make a well and break in your eggs, mixing together well.


If the mixture looks like it’s split.. don’t panic!
Weigh out the flour and ground almonds together.Add in a spoonful of the flour and ground almond mixture and fold in til smooth. When your happy add in the rest of your flour/ ground almonds to the rest of the mixture and fold in.
When your mixture is smooth, take some of the mixture out and put in another bowl and set aside.


To the smaller bowl add your cocoa powder and instant coffee, I used Green and Black’s and Carte Noire for flavour. The choice is yours. And blend together until smooth and the cocoa is well mixed in.

Your now ready for the tin. The is mixture will fit comfortably into a large (2lb) loaf tin. I have used a ready made loaf tin liner from Lakeland for my cake but if your don’t have them your own methods.


When ready add in your chocolate mixture and MARBLE!!


And Bake for 50 mins. When the time is up take out of the oven.


I have baked mine for this length of time because it was too soft. It. is up to you on how long you bake it for. 

What could be better for your Sunday afternoon? Enjoy and if your following me on instagram or twitter @girlinknits.  Please show me your finished cake I would be so happy to see them.


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