January FO’s

Hello everyone! 

January has become an unusually productive month. I finished lots of projects.  Many projects have flown off the needles over the last month. Over the Christmas period I took out all of my project bags.. and well I had underestimated just how many projects I had started and put to one side.. and how many were nearly finished. 

First fo is my Crafty tee.


This was started last June.  I bought the yarn last may from the black sheep sale. A cashmere blend sport weight in Blue.  I knitted the body on 4mm needles in one piece and crocheted the panel with the same size hook. This slightly boxy tee is my own pattern and I hope to write it up soon.


This is my new winter cowl. Crocheted in  pale grey Andes from Drops. I used a 7 mm hook and super chunky yarn. I ordered from Wool Warehouse. This pattern is again my own design and is so simple. A great beginners project or a quick make for a present . This is a great mindless project. I started this when I was recovering from having my wisdom teeth out in hospital. From start to finish in a weekend.

What are you making at the moment? Today is the 1st of February.  This month is an exciting one for me with a trip to Berlin and days out planned too.

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