First sweater

First FO of 2015. . My first ever knitted sweater! I’m feeling very proud of myself as I am writing this post today. I have finished my sweater in time for the cold weather here in the UK at the moment. I cast it on in November and officially finished in January. I gave myself the deadline of new year but this was such a fast knit I finished it around new year.. well January 3rd if I’m being honest.

The pattern is Joji Locatelli ‘ s worsted boxy, a easy, relaxing project. If you after mindless knitting. This is the sweater project for you. I used West Yorkshire Spinners bluefaced Leicester aran British birds in Blue tit (my favourite colourway), 100% British wool and although the yarn does stripe as you knit, I was lazy and didn’t match it up.. It does on the sleeves.
I have knitted a size medium.. but I should have knitted a smaller size with a deeper rib but overall I’m very happy with the sweater.

I will photograph this sweater properly soon but I couldn’t resist showing it to you this afternoon.