Bank holiday weekend


Happy bank holiday weekend Brits! Long weekends at home means baking,  knitting and visiting wool shops. The weather this Bank holiday has been mixed here in Lancashire to say the least.
I visited the Black Sheep Wool craft barn in Culcheth with mum on Saturday



I love the Craft barn for the lovely staff who help me make up my mind every time I visit.. I get overwhelmed by the choice and volume.. just the wall of skeins if enough for me to get inspired for future projects. This time I bought some more needle tips for my knit pro starter set and some patterns. I am trying to stash bust in time for my visit to The knitting and Stitching show in London this October.

Sundays are for baking.. but this weekend I made my chocolate fudge. A family favourite and a lovely present idea for Christmas and birthdays.



I will post the recipe if any one is interested.
I hope your all having a relaxing weekend wherever you are and thanks for visiting!

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