Day three- Tivoli Gardens


On my last full day; I decided to take a look round Tivoli,  in the heart of the city are the Tivoli gardens, the gardens are home to the first ever amusement park in Denmark.


Amongst the amusement rides, hot dog stands and restaurants stand the gardens. Beautiful flowers and architecture meet amusement park. It sounds like it shouldn’t go together hit it does!
A great space for families, couples and solo traveler amongst you.

A little background for you history buffs amongst you. Established in 1843 by Georg Carstensen; Tivoli or the pleasure gardens has become one of the main attractions in Copenhagen with an estimated 4 millions visitors a year. Tivoli was one of many pleasure gardens to spring up around Europe in this time and set itself as a leader in its field because of the amusements, the oldest still in use is the Rollercoaster,  celebrating its centenary this year.





Tomorrow I go home, I am gutted to be leaving Copenhagen, it really is a great city.. I shall definitely have case of hometime blues..

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