Day one in Copenhagen.

I am currently blogging this using the free WIFI at my hostel in Copenhagen! Finally made it!

I am staying at the Generator Hostel in Christianshavn district of the city, great access to the city centre, sights and exhibits.. and of course..the shopping streets. Great design and really friendly staff especially to this forgetful traveler..but anyway. I am travelling on my own throughout my time in Copenhagen as I have a few times before and I enjoy it. I can wander aimlessly around the city and really enjoy myself, for me that is my independence and freedom to enjoy the city as I want.

I flew in using Easyjet from Manchester yesterday morning, arriving into Copenhagen city centre via the metro for 2.30pm. after getting myself settled into my room, i decided to go off and explore with my guidebook in hand.

The hostel is great, great design, friendly staff and clean rooms, great value for money. Hostels have changed in the last ten years with their design and attitudes. Your really not just renting a bed, locker and sheets. Cheap food and even cheaper quality is no longer the norm. Before my stay I hadn’t stayed in a hostel for 5 years and now I can see myself using them far more often then I would have considered before. generator-copenhagen-design


Tomorrow I am joining the daily free walking tour from the Hostel, I am hoping to see the Little Mermaid, the royal palaces and the Tivoli Gardens. Tomorrow is for sightseeing and general touristy things.

Its really true what they say about the Danes.. They’re all so good looking, I am feeling inspired by the city and its inhabitants. The street style is amazing too. Danish design and architecture. i can feel myself falling in love with Danmark and Scandinavia

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