Preparing for copenhagen


First of all I must apologise for the bad lighting in the photo above. . It’s turns out the brightest room in my house.. wasn’t. This weekend has been about preparing for my trip to Copenhagen this week. And very excited about it an too. I haven’t been able to prepare any earlier as a very stressful few weeks at work has left me exhausted emotionally and physically.

But enough of that, I have a list of sights and shops to visit coffee shops and museums, cafes and galleries. Some yarn shops too. Thanks to all of your recommendations on instagram.  I will of course be keeping you updated during my trip.

Regular readers will notice my monochrome project bag including my travel project.. A new hat to complement my Westknits summer shawl knitalong shawl. (I will post more about that soon)

If you have any more recommendations then please let me know it’s not too late!  I hope to line up more posts this week.