What is it about socks?

I am such a bad blogger aren’t I? Such a huge silence.. thanks for sticking with me!

What is it about socks? When I learned to knit I said that I would love to have a pair of hand made socks.. I was met with be careful!!
ful!! Sock knitting is addictive!  Perhaps there needs to be a warning on the labels of sock yarn.. I joked.. well I take it back.. I casted on my first pair using a very simple pattern from ravelry, last weekend. And well.. I admit it socks are addictive!! When I came across the opal sock yarn above I fell in love. Der kleine prinz has a real soft spot in my heart from when I lived in Munich, reading the story of the little prinz and his adventures to my niece and nephew. So to say I had a huge smile when I saw this yarn and colourways I was ecstatic! The easiest £8 I have ever spent!



The Der kleine prinz colourways are beautiful! I am knitting with Der kleine Prinz und Der slangel (the little prince and the snake)  so I knew that this was the yarn for my first pair of socks! Knitting on such small dpn’s has been a challenge but one I’m enjoying and I’m told a great travelling project too. One I’m going to test for the journey to Essex for my best friends wedding in a fortnights time.

Maybe my fantasy of curling up with hot chocolate, roaring log fire and wearing my hand knits this autumn will come true this year.. I can dream can’t I? One thing is for sure I can see many pairs of socks in my future..

Do you knit socks and why? I would love to hear from you