Nordic Noir


SarahLundHave you noticed the influx of Scandinavian culture within the UK in the last year. Not only in terms of television, the amazing Forbydelsen, The Bridge and the Incredible Borgen. Every Every nation has a national sweater and its own style of design and colour patterns to make them all individual as the people themselves. Norweigan national television has recently broadcast a 9 hour marathon from shearing, spinning to knitting a sweater. I love the colourwork traditions of scandinavia, Iceland, and the Balkan states of Estonia and Latvia. Knitting and crafting is imbedded in scandinavian culture so it should seem right that one of Nordic Noir’s heroine should have some killer knitwear. Inspired by the knitting of the Faroe Islands, The star and diamond motifs are the stars of the show.

Motifs make up large part of colourwork, fair isle and nordic traditional knitting. There have been many replicas of Lunds Sweaters, the original was made in The Faroe Islands by Gudrun and Gudrun and retails at €300. Crafters are an imaginative bunch and patterns have sprung up ever since.. Suddenly long winter nights don’t seem such a bad thing after all. I hope to visit Stockholm and maybe Copenhagen this year, like many new British tourists since our fascination has begun with the mysterious fjords and cabins of Scandinavian cities.

Do you have any recommendations for yarn shops or just things in general. I would love to hear from you!