T shirt yarn clutch

T shirt yarn clutch

I was delighted to have been given the oppourtunity to be gifted some t shirt yarn from the very nice people behind Hobbycraft’s New t shirt yarn.  I was delighted to have recieved it and was excited at the prospect of a new kind of yarn to play with. Well it arrived last month and I started to research what I wanted to do with it.. lots of choices but nothing that really grabbed me. So I decided to make myself a clutch.

The casual clutch above is the result. Knitted on 10mm needles, the clutch grew quickly and I am pleased with it. If you have used t shirt yarn you will know that it is great but heavy. It isn’t a travelling project by any means. Although not the neatest result when knitted.. I love it. This yarn was hard going on my hands, which made it alot slower than a normal project of this size. But I would use it again.

I have taken it to the beach this summer and I hope to use it again soon. As a jeans and t shirt girl at heart, this clutch will add some texture to my wardrobe.

Let me know what you think and if you would like a tutorial.

P.s please note that all opinions of this yarn are my own. I have not been paid for this post.


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