A case for the defense of British Wool

poppy red BFL aran
BFL Aran WYSpinners

Did you know that a farmer receives just £1 per fleece for his wool! Really Shocking isn’t it? when you compare how much we buy our yarns for.

30p per Kg. Wool prices range from 1p per Kg for Jacob sheep and around 80p per Kg for Wensleydale or the like! It really is shocking. I was shocked when I saw how little a farmer is paid for the hard work needed in raising his herds. Whenever possible I have used British yarns in my crafting. because I want the farmer to receive a fair price for his work. This is the main reason for lack of British spun and reared wools on the shelves of our local LYS.  I would like to see more british wool in stores.

Festivals like the British Wool Weekend need to happen because at one time in the UK, all yarn you could buy was British wool, which of course made people itch.. so when the softer, modern yarns became available tastes changed.. and British wool became lost in the background. Now, British made yarns are now seen as a luxury. There is change happening out there.

Big retailers such as John Lewis and yarn companies such as Rowan, Artesano and others independent retailers such as Blacker yarns and Jamieson and Smith are now manufacturing British yarns. Debbie Bliss and Rowan have British breed yarns avaliable within their ranges. The designer Kate Davies creates some incredible work with British yarns

One thing is sure in my mind, with big events such as Wool Week in October and The Wool House in London has seen high street retailers join in the campaign to bring about more awareness of the yarns I hope, people will open their eyes to what is made within the British Wool Industry when they are buying yarn and other wooly goods.

Let me know what you think and if you use British Yarns.. I would love to hear from you


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