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Back in July, I bought a child’s cardigan from a local car boot sale for 50p. I love thrifting, its great fun. I love the hunt of a great bargain. Over the last few years I have found some great finds. I bought the cardigan with the task of unravelling it for the yarn. Yes that’s right.. Unraveling. Have you ever unraveled a sweater?

The yarn is a 70/30% cotton blend and had I bought the yarn in a store it would have made the bag an expensive project. But this yarn was perfect for what I had in mind. A crochet bag. A perfect summer project. I saw the pattern from issue 39 of Inside crochet and liked it immediately. I just haven’t quite got round to making it.

The Colette bag is made with zpaghetti yarn so I used the chunky yarn gained from the unraveled child’s cardigan and hey presto! And here it is my  eco crochet bag. I handsewn the lining pocket for the bag in this beautiful Liberty print fabric in the ‘Herbert’ colour way from the Eternal Maker website.

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