Online yarn shopping

photo Loop’s London Store

We all do it don’t we? From books to food and everything in between, we shop online. I know I do. But do you buy yarn online?

When I learned how to crochet last year I said to myself that I would only buy yarn from a store. Since then I have deviated. I can’t always get to my LYS because I don’t drive. I have to ask someone to drive me or get public transport. Not really an issue, and sometimes my local stores don’t have what I want at that time. It happens. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love to visit my LYS (Black Sheep Wools in Culcheth) when I get the chance to have a feel and see the new yarns. I have bought yarn online that I have used/ seen before and only stores I have visited. My recent order from Loop’s online store is an example.

Loop is based in London, a two hour train ride from me here in the North west of England. I have had the delight of visiting them before on my previous trips to London. I make it a stop before I leave London.

Loop order

My recent order consists of a skein of Brooklyn Tweed’s Shelter, an aran/ worsted weight yarn in ‘Hayloft’ and their inversion cardigan pattern. I have had my eye on the above yarn for ages. I love tweed yarns! and I have only heard good things about the company. I ordered the pattern because I have recently learned HOW TO KNIT!! a big day for me as I have tried on and off for years. This pattern is my aim, to be able to knit this pattern would be a real triumph.

So i’m asking you do you buy yarn online? and where from? I would love to hear from you.

p.s a cheeky request. I would love to be nominated for Black Sheep Wools ‘Blogger of the month’. If you like/love  to read my blog you can nominate me here.

Thank you for all of your comments I really do love to hear from you.

6 thoughts on “Online yarn shopping

  1. I order a lot from but I first ordered a sampler pack to see how I liked their yarns, just to make sure I wouldn’t be wasting money. They have great prices! My LYS is expensive and often doesn’t have what I want, but I do like to support them, too.

    1. Hi, I like to support my LYS a lot but sometimes they just don’t have what I want. And like I said I can’t always get there. I am knitting using fixed circulars.. but my LYS don’t stock bamboo just metal straights not circs. I have heard a lot about knit picks but haven’t used them because shipping is so expensive. Maybe I will one day 🙂

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