Kami Hat: the first foxflat knitting pattern

Found!!! I’m going to try this for my first knitting project 🙂


Yup – my first contribution to ravelry! It was halfway for my own good, as every time I want to make this hat I have to refigure the numbers, casting on and frogging several times before getting it right. Rather than scribble the instructions in shorthand on the back of a receipt (only to stare at them confusedly in three years), I transcribed them properly so that anyone could make my FAVORITE HAT. A hyperbolic use of ALLCAPS? Nope. This hat is stellar because it’s:

– a one-skein wonder.
– a quick knit.
– a versatile gift…unisex, reversible, adjustable slouch.
– designed to hold in warmth without smushing your hair.
– a great 2nd project when teaching someone how to knit. Most folks start with something flat and rectangular but the key is to not get stuck there. This hat builds confidence without freaking out novice knitters.

Yak yarn by Lang Yarns

This summer…

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