Alchemilla shawl revisited.

The shawl with no name











Today I am revisiting my post n the Alchemilla shawl from The crochet project.

This project has recently been hibernating in my WIP’s bag. Its been too hot to work on this recently, what with the heatwave and everything. So as you can see I have finished the main body and now working on the border.

When I began on the shawl back in Feb/March time , I read the pattern for the border and thought I could manage it. Well to be honest, I couldn’t. Try as hard as I might and after three attempts. I have decided to rework the border to my own specification.

So I think it will need a new name.. what do you think? I can’t really call it the Alchemilla shawl as it isn’t. But however I really like it and I hope you do too.

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