Inspiration from Pinterest



Inspiration from my Pinterest board for Girlinknits . 

I adore the latest collection from Rowan. My aim is to learn how to knit this year so this book is full of great pattern for a beginner. The new yarn for the book looks lovely too. Rowan.. if your reading this..( I can dream..) you know where to find me should you need a new reviewer. 

I love the pompoms adorning Gemma Ward from Vogue UK.

I love the sweater Hanneli is wearing. I found the photograph courtesy of Vanessa Jackman’s blog. I love the sweater tucked into her skirt. Its so simple but really effective.

The super chunky cowl I saw on Knitgranduer’s blog is beautiful and great inspiration for winter.

It has seemed quite silly looking for inspirational photo’s during a heatwave!! But it is the UK so I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts. After my lovely trip to Woolfest last month I have booked my ticket to The British Wool Weekend in Harrogate for the 7th September so I’m looking forward to that already 🙂 

Do you still craft during a heatwave? Let me know in the comments. I would love to find out! 

4 thoughts on “Inspiration from Pinterest

  1. Love your inspiration! Have you seen Rowan’s new Thick ‘n’ Thin collection – lots of easy to knit, easy to wear items too – the Thick ‘n’ Thin yarn is particularly gorgeous 🙂 I’ve been doing lots of crochet in the hot weather with cotton yarn but now I’m moving towards knitting again – I love the autumn.

    1. I love autumn too. I love the new Rowan collection. It’s on my wish list. I am attending the British wool weekend next month. Rowan have said they will be attending so i I’m hoping I’ve got the nerve to introduce myself 🙂

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