Inspiration from Pinterest



Inspiration from my Pinterest board for Girlinknits . 

I adore the latest collection from Rowan. My aim is to learn how to knit this year so this book is full of great pattern for a beginner. The new yarn for the book looks lovely too. Rowan.. if your reading this..( I can dream..) you know where to find me should you need a new reviewer. 

I love the pompoms adorning Gemma Ward from Vogue UK.

I love the sweater Hanneli is wearing. I found the photograph courtesy of Vanessa Jackman’s blog. I love the sweater tucked into her skirt. Its so simple but really effective.

The super chunky cowl I saw on Knitgranduer’s blog is beautiful and great inspiration for winter.

It has seemed quite silly looking for inspirational photo’s during a heatwave!! But it is the UK so I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts. After my lovely trip to Woolfest last month I have booked my ticket to The British Wool Weekend in Harrogate for the 7th September so I’m looking forward to that already 🙂 

Do you still craft during a heatwave? Let me know in the comments. I would love to find out! 



Main hangar for Woolfest 2013



Hello everyone.. long time no see.

so two weeks ago I attended my first ever fibre and wool festival. I began the day early at the local train station I had to get the train to the beautiful lake district for this year’s Woolfest in Cockermouth, Getting the on public transport was interesting, I got in lots of crochet time lets put it that way. Anyways lets get back to the interesting stuff.. YARN!!! when I arrived at the home of Woolfest I was overwhelmed and decided to just wander round to get the feel of the place first and then get down to business of buying yarn.

Walking around Woolfest was brilliant and I saw so many designers that I had only admired through the internet such as the wonderful Amanda Perkins and her husband from the natural dye studio, who was very helpful choosing my skein 🙂 and the lovely lady at Baa Ram Ewe who helped with choosing my skein of Titus:-) . I was so spoilt for choice that I only came away with a small amount of yarn. I could have bought so much more 🙂  I also met some lovely Alpacas too.. aren’t they lovely.

So, down to the details.. the ultra squishy yarn are

The Natural Dye studio GODIVA 4ply sock yarn in Lynbridge yellow, Baa Ram Ewe’s Titus in eecup and 5 balls of Drops Nepal in golden yellow/ olive green 🙂 actually come to think of it.. I have bought enough to keep me happy and my birthday present:-)

Many Thanks to everyone to my 500 visitors!!! I was so surprised, I love to see all of the new countries on my world map. What has everyone been up to recently. I have almost finished my sweater so I have some new projects for you all 🙂