Inspiration for my new Work in Progress!

Black Sheep sale and craft fair
Black Sheep sale and craft fair

Hello Everyone!

After my last post, I felt it was about time that I posted something crochet related. I began a new project this bank holiday weekend. I began my first sweater.. Yes I know its nearly June and i’m crocheting a sweater. But just hear me out.. I went to a yarn sale at Black Sheep Wools in Culcheth, Warrington. Oh My GOD!!! A yarn lovers heaven.. It’s out there people.. and I was there last Saturday with my mum. At their annual 10 day sale.
Fron Ravelry
Fron Ravelry

I came away with Rowan Tweed in Buckden, Fine Rowan Tweed in Murker, and 4 balls of Cashsoft 4ply from Rowan in Navy, a bag of 10 balls of a cashmere blend unlabeled yarn for £10!! (I literally jumped at it and did a happy dance in the middle of the craft barn) and some yellow yarn in Pearl and Bamboo dk from Sublime to finish my Nikki Trench bag and a couple of real luxury items.. A rosewood crochet hook from Lantern Moon and the Holiday Crochet book from Rowan. I have looked at the book for along time and I have finally got my mitts on it.. I love it! ( You can see that I went for a real Rowan spree! can’t you? :D)

But anyways back to topic.. I am now using the Tweed and my bag of cashmere blend yarn to create my sweater. A new adventure as I am trying to make my own pattern for it as I couldn’t find one that I liked so I am adapting my work to fit me. It is also a bottom up construction and I have never done one of these before so it is a little nerve wracking for me..Stay tuned for updates along the way.

In the first photo you will see my new project bag.. Find out whats inside in my next post. What are you doing this holiday weekend? I would love to hear from you.

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