When is a stash, not a stash? That is the question

When is a stash, not a stash? That is the question

My name is Emma and this is my confession.. In the entire time that I have been crocheting and writing this blog. I have amassed this.. This is my stash.

Where do you stand on Stashes..? Do you have one? or do you buy for each project? My aim is to keep my stash to within the red basket. It has been added to gradually.. I can’t help it.. There is some gorgeous yarn out there waiting to be discovered! The fibre that features the most is Alpaca. I just love it. Its so warm but very light to wear. What is your favourite fibre. I have also discovered that I love the finer yarns.. Lots of 4ply and lace feature the most.

Ravelry is such an enabler I love the forums and patterns. Not to mention reading about your projects, Following all my favourite bloggers.

I would love to hear from you in the comments..

7 thoughts on “When is a stash, not a stash? That is the question

  1. I like the idea of having a stash or a supply…the problems becomes keeping it in some sort of order. Right now my house is still covered in fabric, but I am attempting to bring some sort of system to it. That is the goal really.

    1. I know what you mean, I love my stash but the goal is to keep it manageable. That is my aim. I don’t want to have yarn that I forget about or it needs a room of it own. But then I admit I buy yarn because I love it.

      I actually, didn’t have as much as I thought I did.. 😀

  2. Gosh… Me too.. have a confession to make.. Ahhh.. My baskets (two actually) are piled with yarns.. Some bought for the love of the colors, others are leftovers from old projects. How I keep in control is to look through the websites asking for donation for the yarns. There are also organisations asking to knit a beanie for Cancer Patients, crochet a granny squares, etc.
    I recently crochet some granny squares for “Knit for Japan” project.
    this is some ways which I keep my “stash” low. Hope this helps. 😉

    1. That all sounds wonderful. You are sending yarn love to so many people. I am hoping to get involved and make up some blankets for a charity that I donate to that I adore.. sponsering a guide dog puppy. I’m a softie for a puppy..:-) thanks for reading

  3. How do you keep your stash contained to just that red bucket? I went from grocery bag to wooden basket. and now I have two baskets and a box. The hard part is finding projects to use the yarn for instead of going out and buying more.

    1. Well I have gone from cotton totes to a small box to now the basket. My aim is to love every skein. If I have to think twice about it goes back. I don’t love it enough to want it immediately. Indeed I love searching for patterns and I already have my winter projects organised. Ravelry is the ultimate enabler.

  4. I am normally well behaved and only buy yarn for projects I am planning on doing, it is the donations from my grandma and the leftover balls that accumulate a rather large stash surprisingly quickly!

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