Ta Dah!!

Cardigan 001











After many false starts.. Here it is… My first crochet cardigan. I’m very happy with this cardigan. This has been a long project because of many reasons.. I found the pattern back in December on Ravelry, (if you haven’t found this site yet.. Why??. Where have you been? But be sure to check it out.. Its amazing)  and finally started to crochet in January. Finished and blocked two weeks ago. The weather here in the UK is wintery again.. So i’m looking forward to spring. so I can wear it out with pride.

I have crocheted a cardigan that I love, in my favourite colour,that is very difficult to find in recent years. The yarn is from Mirasol and is called Tuhu. A new favourite blend of Baby Llama, Merino and Angora. A percentage of the proceeds of the yarn go back into the communities in Peru for education. A very worthy cause.. A fabulous find at the Black sheep wool barn in Culcheth, Cheshire. I have also finished the lace cowl for my mum on mothers day.. She was thrilled!

What are you working on at the moment.. I would love to hear about your projects.

2 thoughts on “Ta Dah!!

    1. Thank you! I love my cardi and very proud of it. The yarn is gorgeous and super warm. Its like crocheting with clouds! Mirasol has a great ethical stance.. it is using the proceeds to educate women. A very worthy cause.

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