So here goes..

So I have decided to learn how to crochet. My mum has given me her only crochet hook, (she only knits) She has tried to crochet and doesn’t like it. I, on the other hand have tried to knit a few times and every time I have given up. I just can’t cope with two needles and yarn to worry about. So I asked if she had any spare/ leftover wool in her stash that I could use to practice with. So I have at my disposal a dove grey dk weight yarn and two skeins of wonderful chunky weight wool from Sirdar’s ‘Click’ range in Loganberry. 

Among my pile of magazines I buy every month, I have a new favourite. ‘Mollie Makes’ is a great new inspirational magazine full of projects, interviews and more importantly, a list of suppliers throughout the UK. There are lots of places to learn how to crochet/ knit or quilt (whatever takes your fancy..really) I will be taking a class at my local wool/craft shop, Knitwise in Ormskirk, Lancashire as well as the Howcast videos online. I am slowly turning into an advocate for learning to crochet online. Its great!! I can see how its done online and I can follow the videos until I get the hang of the different stitches. I am hoping to make an infinity scarf/ cowl before Christmas

I will keep you posted.. 


One thought on “So here goes..

  1. I feel the same: tried knitting, but it was just too overwhelming. However crocheting… I love it 🙂 And my Mum is an excellent knitter too, but she doesn’t do crochet.

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