Latest knitwear additions


The jumper and scarf above are the latest additions to my knitwear wardrobe. The jumper was bought in a small village wool shop in north wales. Using local wool, the ladies had knitted it as a sample with leftover wool sample from a local farm. I saw it displayed in the window and immediately fell in love. You know that feeling when you just had to have it..? I walked out the shop with a beautifully hand wrapped parcel and a huge smile on my face. The price.. £2!!! They wouldn’t let me pay anymore because they didn’t pay for the wool.. That’s one shop I will be visiting again. And strangely enough its the only cable knit jumper I own. 

details of the cable knit..



The scarf was hand knitted for me by my mum. I love this scarf its HUGE!! The photograph doesn’t do it justice. I love this blanket scarf so much.. its so light and warm. The scarf wool is by Rico designs and is from their ‘big creative’ range. 1 ball 1 scarf wool is very popular this year. I will be living in this winter.. But I know that I won’t be able to persuade mum to knit another one as she hated this one, 10mm needles made her hands really sore.. 

I will just have to make the most of it.. What have you been adding to your knitwear collections..? 


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