Its that time of year again..

Autumn in the UK means one thing.. inclement weather ūüė¶ Contrary to popular belief , I love autumn. Its a great time of year as I change things around in my wardrobe. Out goes the summer dresses and in goes the layers of sweaters, blouses and winter boots. My staples stay the same, vests to layer under blouses and shirts on cold days. On the warmer days under t-shirts. Placing an extra blanket on my bed and indulging in home cooking once more. But for someone who suffers with the cold as much as me it’s important to stay warm and stylish.

Every Christmas for the last four years, my mum has hand knitted me a sweater.. I love opening the wrapping to see the latest addition.  It started as a tradition but has now become a regular thing over the last 18 months. I also know that as my mum gets older, knitting is getting harder for her so I know just how much time and love goes into every jumper.

I really did learn to use all of my wardrobe whilst I was a student in the North west England. Layering became one of the most important ways to keep warm. Warm but not sweating through lectures. The most visible of the layers are knitwear and outerwear. When you spend a long time in sweaters as we do here in the UK. Its wonderful to makeup a collection of knitwear that make those ‘I haven’t ¬†got nothing to wear’ days that little bit easier.Layering sweaters and denim together is tried and tested but I also like to layer dresses and sweaters with bare legs and boots during the warmer days between the seasons.

How do you like to wear your knitwear…? ¬†How much of the year do you spend in knitwear?

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This is me.. Emma

This is me.. Emma.

I love hand knitted sweaters (particularly from my mum), books, photography, current affairs, old BBC comedies and travelling. I have recently returned from ten months in Munich, Germany and I am currently unemployed. Through this blog you will read my take on current affairs, home cooking and see examples of my work. This blog is really who I am.. 

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